Revolutionizing Recycling Through Design and Technology





release date

January 17, 2024


In an increasingly eco-conscious world, TrashBack came forward with an ambitious vision: to encourage recycling and reward eco-friendly behaviors through an intuitive and engaging mobile app. Our agency was selected to turn this vision into reality, taking charge of both the UX/UI design and the mobile application development.


The main challenge was to create a user interface that not only simplifies the recycling process but also encourages the user to remain engaged through a rewards system. Additionally, the app needed to be flexible enough to cater to different types of users and recycling behaviors, while being technically robust and high-performing across various mobile devices.


Our strategy was built around three main pillars:

1. Deep Understanding of User Needs

Before diving into the design and development, we conducted a series of workshops with the client and focus groups with potential users. This helped us clearly define user personas and understand their motivations, recycling needs, and the challenges they face.

2. User-Centered UX/UI Design

Building on the insights gathered, our design team developed a seamless user experience and an attractive interface that guides users through the recycling process. We introduced gamified elements to make recycling more rewarding and encourage repeated use of the app. Accessibility and ease of use were our top priorities, ensuring that the app is intuitive for all users, regardless of their tech-savviness.

3. Agile and Iterative Development

Working closely with the client, our development team adopted an agile approach to build the app. This allowed us to quickly test and adjust features, ensuring a fast and effective market launch. The app was developed to be scalable, secure, and high-performing, with a special focus on cross-platform compatibility.


The TrashBack app was successfully launched, receiving positive feedback from both users and recycling partners. Here are some key achievements :

  • Increased User Engagement: Thanks to its intuitive design and gamified elements, the app saw a significantly higher user engagement rate than industry averages.
  • Contribution to Sustainability: In the months following its launch, the app contributed to recycling a significant amount of waste, demonstrating its positive impact on the environment.
  • Industry Recognition: The app received several awards for its innovation in design and contribution to sustainability.


The work done on the TrashBack app demonstrates our ability to turn ambitious ideas into tangible, impactful digital solutions. By focusing on a deep understanding of user needs and applying best practices in UX/UI design and mobile app development, we helped TrashBack realize its vision for a more sustainable world.